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    Title: Exercise - Just Do It!
    Description: [Download] Did you know that the pleasure gene is turned on by certain types of exercise? In this 2-hour presentation Dr. Wes Youngberg builds an impressive body of evidence for the benefits of exercise that will bring both short tern and long term joy. Learn how to: grow stronger as you age, activate "killer cells" of your immune system to kill cancer, calm cravings, and cut risk of heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. Bonus information on evaluating and treating Adrenal Fatigue is included. If you need a little motivational coaching to properly restart exercising then get started with this download!

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    Title: Nutrition - Your Fate is on Your Plate
    Description: [Download] "Our fate", stated Julius Caesar, "lies not in the stars, but in ourselves." One thing that determines a large part of our health fate is the fuel we place in our bodies. In this 2-hour presentation, Dr. Wes Youngberg reviews the latest and best nutritional science including: violence, crime and diet; high calorie malnutrition, inflammatory foods, effects of caffeine, Shakespeare's diet advice, nutritional medicine lab testing, triggers of the diabetic genes and much more. This is a great way to transform your diet in the direction of better health and healing.

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    Title: Command Center - The Power of the Brain
    Description: [Download] Do you feel caught in a pattern of bad habits? Does the song "I can't get no satisfaction" seem to describe your lack of joy? In this 2-hour presentation, Dr. Wes Youngberg moves you through the strategies of reclaiming that ultimate feeling of wellbeing that can be accomplished by understanding what the brain needs to function optimally. Learn about bad habit breakers, the principles of mind cure, intentionality, how simple nutrients can transform your thoughts, how to overcome hostility and how to place your brain under the best chemical influences. There is a battle over your mind and you can win it!

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    Title: Forgiveness - A Time of Healing

    [Download] The healing power of forgiveness has a scientific and medically proven therapeutic benefit. In this 2-hour presentation, Dr. Wes Youngberg discusses these exciting new concepts including: the synchronicity of healing, the antidote to hostility, how to reprogram our attitudes and thus re-engineer our genetic potential for healing many diseases.

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    Title: Sunlight - The Missing Nutrient
    Description: [Download] In this two hour presentation, Dr. Wes Youngberg sheds light on the many healing benefits of sunlight for body, mind and spirit. Discussed are the ways to optimize vitamin D from both sun and supplements. Learn how to overcome depression, normalize hormones, fight autoimmune diseases and cancer, prevent diabetes and much more.

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